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Troye Sivan said he would have gone to conversion therapy before he came out if someone offered

Troye Sivan said he would have gone to conversion therapy before he came out if someone offered

Troye Sivan in Bloom video

Australian singer Troye Sivan opened up about conversion therapy and his upcoming movie, Boy Erased, at his concert in Los Angeles on Tuesday (30 October).

The energy was electric — and very gay — when I saw Sivan perform at the Greek Theatre this week.

He has a wonderful stage presence, moving and feeling the music, as he gives the audience a captivating show.

He also got very personal at one point. During his set, he performed the song Revelation from Boy Erased. The movie is based on the memoir of Garrard Conley, who was sent to conversion therapy camp by his parents when they found out he was gay.

Sivan plays a camper in the film, who befriends lead actor Lucas Hedges.

Before performing the song, Sivan talked about how he was ‘absolutely gutted’ by the screenplay.

He also discussed how the song came to be.

‘There’s a really beautiful scene in the movie where Jared (Hedges) falls asleep holding hands with another boy for the first time,’ he said. ‘Nothing else happens. It’s this really beautiful, pure moment of romance and love.

‘I saw the scene, and there was this beautiful piano part written by Jónsi of Sigur Rós. I wanted to write a song to that scene. So I got together with my best friend, Leland, and we started writing lyrics about how that moment is a revelation to Jared — he has this sweet love that he so deserves and the sky doesn’t fall down.’

At Troye Sivan's concert on Tuesday night, he performed his song Revelation from the upcoming movie Boy Erased. He also gave a beautiful speech about coming out and conversion therapy and his own journey. He's such an incredible performer and I love him. Thanks for inviting me, Amanda!

Posted by Anya Crittenton on Thursday, 1 November 2018

‘I can fix that’

While discussing the song, Sivan also talked about his own coming out and what he would have done if someone approached him about conversion therapy.

‘I have the most supportive family in the entire world,’ he said. ‘It’s absolutely nuts how textbook perfect they’ve been. I am so, so, so lucky and I realize that.’

Before he came out, though, he said he lived in a lot of fear and vulnerability.

‘This book and this script are my worst nightmare come true on a page. It scared the shit out of me.

‘If I was 14 and somebody came to me and said, “Hey, that thing that you’re so worried about, that you’re losing sleep over, I can fix that. I can make it all okay and make it go away.” I think before I was the gay, strutting boy that I am now, I think I would have said yes. I think I would have gone.’

Boy Erased comes out in the US tomorrow (2 November).

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