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Troye Sivan explains how he got catfished

Troye Sivan explains how he got catfished

  • What does the gay singer have in common with Prince Harry and Bernie Sanders?
Troye Sivan actor

Gay Australian singer-songwriter Troye Sivan has shared the story of how he got catfished – alongside some very famous people.

The My My My singer, actor and YouTuber is currently in isolation, like many of us, during the coronavirus pandemic. He is with his family but has also said he’s looking forward to returning to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Sivan has shared a story to keep everyone entertained. In a video filmed at home, a shirtless Troye says:

‘Since we are in quasa, we’re in iso, I thought I’d hop on here and tell you guys a story I’ve been meaning to tell you for a little while.

‘Basically a couple of months ago Danny, who is my manager, reaches out to me. And she goes “T, my dude, I have the sickest opportunity of our entire careers. You’ll never guess who I had a phone call with today.”

‘My mind is running a million miles a minute. I’m not going to lie, I’m not trying to brag, but I was DMing with Justin Bieber the day before. We’re not working together, it was just a random thing.

‘But she goes “I had a phone call today with something even bigger. Greta Thunberg’s dad. Like save the planet, climate change Greta. Her father and I spoke on the phone today.

‘“Greta is a huge fan and is working on this thing called Stars Save The Earth.”’

‘It made me cry laughing’

Sivan admits that he felt the name needed some workshopping. But he was in.

Moreover, they sent them a ‘to do list’ of what Greta was planning.

Sivan says: ‘It was like “Go swimming with sharks with Leo DiCaprio. Save the animals in Africa with Prince Harry.” All of this wild, wild shit. I was like oh my god this girl is so inspiring. And she wants to work with me, that’s crazy.’

And his agent asked him if he would mind her giving his number to Thunberg. So Sivan started WhatsApping with her.

Text Great Thunberg, catfish
A fake Greta Thunberg texts actor Troye Sivan. Troye Sivan

Meanwhile, the agent smelt a rat. She spoke with her Swedish boyfriend about what was happening and mentioned that Greta’s dad had a bad English accent. And he pointed out that wasn’t true.

Indeed, when they looked for YouTube videos of Svante Thunberg, she realized it was not the man she had spoken with.

Sivan says: ‘Danny texts me and says: “T, I don’t know how to tell you this. But I think we got catfished by a fake Greta Thunberg.”

‘Now I died laughing. To me this was the most hysterical thing. That is the best plan ever.  Whoever thought of that is absolutely genius.

‘But also, the fact that my ego was big enough to be like “Greta Thunberg wants to chill, she’s a big fan, we’re going to save the planet together, this is going to be fucking sick.

‘It just completely mortified me and made me want to die but also made me cry laughing.’

New single out soon

However, it was only much later that Sivan realized just how big the scam was. Troye said he later saw a headline which explained everything:

‘Prince Harry got completely, completely pranked by the same people. Turns out it’s these Russian hackers that did this elaborate scheme. They got Bernie Sanders, they got Prince Harry. They almost got me.’

Meanwhile Troye has been sharing that his isolation has included watching Harry Potter films and RuPaul’s Drag Race and drinking wine with his sister.

However, he does have something to promote during lockdown. His new single Take Yourself Home is out on 1 April.