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This is the reason Troye Sivan feels uncomfortable being called a ‘gay icon’

This is the reason Troye Sivan feels uncomfortable being called a ‘gay icon’

Troye Sivan with boyfriend Jacob Bixenman

Troye Sivan explained why he feels uncomfortable when people label him a ‘gay icon’.

As part of Vogue’s hugely popular 73 Questions series, the My My My singer showed Vogue around his manager’s house in California while answering — you guessed it — 73 questions.

Troye Sivan during Vogue's 73 Questions series
Troye Sivan. | Photo: Vogue / YouTube

Director of the video, Joe Sabia, asked Sivan: ‘You recently said you felt uncomfortable being called a “gay icon”, why is that?’

The 24-year-old singer responded: ‘From experience, I’ve seen that the LGBTQ community is so unbelievably diverse and looks like so many people that to be picked as one of the “faces” of the community, it just made me really uncomfortable and felt weird and scary.’

Troye Sivan: ‘I politely don’t want to take on that “gay icon” thing’

The question comes off the back of another interview he gave last month.

‘With people like Hayley Kiyoko and Brockhampton, we’re starting to get, finally, a diverse group of different LGBTQ perspectives,’ he told Another Man. ‘That’s why I politely don’t want to take on that “gay icon” thing.’

He then added: ‘I’m one voice of so many that are missing, and so I’m just trying to tell my story.’

In the 12 minute video, Sivan also appeared alongside his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman.

The two have been together for three years. Jacob lovingly described his first impression of Troye as ‘confident, sweet and pretty chill’.

Troye said his first impression of Jacob was that he is tall, as well as ‘sweet, lovely and kind’.

Earlier this month, Troye and Charli XCX co-hosted the first annual Go West Fest. The lineup included LGBTI artists and allies of the likes of Pussy Riot, Dorian Electra, Quay Dash, Leland and Allie X.

He also appeared in a recent Calvin Klein campaign.

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