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Queer artists Troye Sivan and Kehlani release new music videos

Queer artists Troye Sivan and Kehlani release new music videos

Troye Sivan in his music video for Lucky Strike

Two queer artists are starting off 2019 the right way — by releasing brand new music videos.

First, recent Golden Globe-nominated singer Troye Sivan shared a music video from last year’s album Bloom. The video is for the romantic song Lucky Strike.

It’s a slow pop hit about being in love and living that high.

The music video is a perfect visual representation of the song, showing Sivan on the beach, looking magnificent in the bright sunlight. Shots of Sivan with his romantic partner are intercut throughout the video.

The most visually striking element of the video is Sivan’s love interest holding an anatomical heart in his hands… while Sivan’s shirt has a bloody stain on it where his heart would be.

Sivan’s lyrics are as intoxicating as his video:

A hit of dopamine, higher than I’ve ever been
He knows how to love me better

Cause you’re safe like spring time
Short days, long nights, boy
Tell me all the ways to love you
Cause you taste like lucky strikes
You drag, I light, boy
Tell me all the ways to love you

Falling in love with a robot

Kehlani’s new music video, for her song Nights Like This featuring Ty Dolla $ign, is a slightly bleaker and more bizarre take on creation and love.

In the video, Kehlani is a robotics engineer creating an AI. Her AI takes the form of a woman and as the AI comes to life, the duo learns both about one another and life.

There are some intimate, soft moments between Kehlani and her AI.

But what happens when that comes to an end…?

It’s a fascinating premise, posing interesting questions without giving all of the answers.

It also shows the breadth of possibility for queer artists. Not every song or video by a queer artist has to be explicitly about LGBTI topics or romances, but they can also be more subtle elements of a piece of art.

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