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Trump fan pickets house with sign: ‘a gay Asian with AIDS lives here’

Trump fan pickets house with sign: ‘a gay Asian with AIDS lives here’

A man sitting in a picnic chair holding a sign over his face that says 'a gay asian with aids who hates america + fireworks lives here'

In what seemed to start as a personal dispute between neighbors has turned into an ugly homophobic attack in Orlando, Florida.

The man, who Gay Star News has chosen not to name, set himself up in a chair with a homophobic sign outside of his neighbor’s house. The man is an open supporter of Republican US President Donald Trump.

‘A gay asian with AIDS who hates America + fireworks lives here!’ the sign read on one side.

‘A butt hurt Trump hater lives here, who’s the keyboard warrior now?’ it read on the other side.

The man targeted by the seated protestor filmed an interaction he had with him.

‘Here I am, loud and proud,’ the protestor is heard saying in the video.

That video then made its way onto a Facebook page where it quickly went viral.

According to the Orlando Weekly the bizarre protest may have started as a dispute on the NextDoor app.

But regardless of what started it, the man was illegally picketing outside his neighbor’s house.

It is illegal to picket someone outside their residential home.

An ordinance updated in 2015, rules that it is ‘unlawful for people to picket before or about the residence or dwelling of any person. This section shall not apply to a person peacefully picketing upon property which he owns or which he is lessee or peaceful picketing within a place commonly used for public assembly.’

Trump and Putin

The video went viral just days before President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for talks in Helsinki, Finland.

Human rights advocates had hoped Trump would bring up Russia’s poor record on LGBTI issues and also Chechnya’s ongoing ‘anti-gay purge’. In April 2017, news first broke of the arrests of gay men in the semi-autonomous Russian region of Chechnya. The arrests began in February 2017.

More concentration camps have been exposed. In some cases, it’s thought men were subject to ‘honor’ killings by their families.

But it does not appear the topic came up at all between the two leaders.

Rather, Trump is under fire for his ‘shameful’ siding with Russia over its role in meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

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