Trump fans tried to claim soccer’s Kelley O’Hara, then she kissed girlfriend

Kelley O'Hara kisses girlfriend after World Cup final win | Photo: Screenshot

When the most visible members of the US women’s soccer team are against Trump, it was no surprise Republicans were desperate to find a win after the World Cup final on Sunday (7 July).

Both Megan Rapinoe and Ali Krieger have refused to go to the White House to meet with Trump.

And, so, many right-wing pundits kept quiet on the global sporting victory.

Why Trump fans tried to claim soccer star Kelley O’Hara

Shortly after the winning moment, the team danced on the pitch.

The American flag dropped to the floor, and player Allie Long accidentally stepped on it. Kelley O’Hara, however, was quick to pick it up off the floor.

‘Rapinoe is a despicable and selfish human being,’ one Republican voter said.

‘Thank you to Kelley O’Hara for quickly picking up the flag and showing respect. I hope she will visit the White House.’

Fox News’ Walid Phares called O’Hara a ‘new American heroine’.

The Republican news channel even ran a story on it, describing the act of dropping the flag as ‘anti-American’ and O’Hara as a ‘heroine’.

But they didn’t spot what happened next.

Why Trump fans were very, very wrong

O’Hara ran to the stands after the game and kissed her girlfriend.

She had not given any coming out interviews about her sexuality. Many players embraced their partners after the match, but for O’Hara it was a big statement.

She became, in the final moments, the 42nd openly gay or bisexual soccer star in the Women’s World Cup.

‘This is not a shocking or revolutionary act in 2019,’ Kim McCauley wrote for SB Nation.

‘ Lots of people are queer in public now, and everyone knows there are queer players on the United States women’s national soccer team.

‘But what made this moment significant is that O’Hara had not previously made any kind of announcement about her partner or sexual orientation.

‘She didn’t follow this moment up with an interview, a social media post, or a proclamation of any kind.

‘She just had an affectionate moment with her partner, then continued her life as normal, because what she did is normal and should not require an explanation.’

O’Hara was previously linked to high school sweetheart Adam Sweat, who lives and works in Atlanta. O’Hara and Sweat appeared to then separated, as she is now a defender for the Utah Royals.

Many also celebrated the kiss on social media. Some Republicans, who are also in favor of same-sex relationships, have also celebrated O’Hara for ‘saving’ the flag and the kiss.

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