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Trump: Gay marriage is a dead issue

Trump: Gay marriage is a dead issue

Donald Trump has been married three times.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has said overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage is a dead issue.

The billionaire has previously said he was ‘just for traditional marriage’ and said the country’s top court had ‘let us down’ after the decision in June.

But in a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Trump seemed to have changed his tune.

He said he had attended the wedding of gay Broadway theater owner Jordan Roth, who he described as a ‘great guy.’

Asked whether gay marriage was a ‘dead issue dead issue for the GOP at this point,’ Trump replied: ‘Some people have hopes of passing amendments, but it’s not going to happen.

‘Congress can’t pass simple things, let alone that. So anybody that’s making that an issue is doing it for political reasons. The Supreme Court ruled on it.’

Conversation then turned to Caitlyn Jenner and transgender politics.

‘How did that show do? Somebody said it was going badly,’ Trump said.

‘I’m not surprised at the ratings. I just think it wouldn’t interest you. I knew him a little bit when Bruce was a great athlete.

‘He was one of the best-looking people you’ll ever see.’

Earlier this week, Trump said people should not be fired simply for being gay, making him the most LGBTI-friendly of the remaining 16 Republican candidates.