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Trump’s pick to replace Brett Kavanaugh on DC Circuit previously wrote homophobic articles

Trump’s pick to replace Brett Kavanaugh on DC Circuit previously wrote homophobic articles

Neomi Rao

Donald Trump’s nominee for Brett Kavanaugh’s former seat on the US Court of Appeals in the DC Circuit, Neomi Rao, is facing criticism for articles she wrote between 1994 and 1996 while attending and graduating from Yale University.

Kavanaugh’s seat is available after he was sworn in as a US Supreme Court justice last year following a contentious confirmation hearing.

BuzzFeed News uncovered and reviewed the numerous pieces written by Rao.

In them, she discussed various topics from LGBTI rights to date rape and race.

Over two decades ago, in 1994, Rao wrote in the Washington Times about ‘multiculturalists’.

‘They argue that culture, society and politics have been defined — and presumably defiled — by white, male heterosexuals hostile to their way of life,’ she said.

‘For example, homosexuals want to redefine marriage and parenthood; feminists in women’s studies programs want to replace so-called male rationality with more sensitive responses common to womyn. It may be kinder and gentler, but can you build a bridge with it?’

That same year, she wrote a column for the Yale Herald about a conflict between a campus LGBTI group and a new group of conservative gay people: ‘Trendy political movements have only recently added sexuality to the standard checklist of traits requiring tolerance.’

Slamming feminism and consent

Some of her most inflammatory words during this time were about date rape and consent.

Once more in 1994, she wrote for the Yale Herald that a drunk man should be prosecuted for raping a woman. She did not absolve women of responsibility, however, writing that ‘a good way to avoid a potential date rape is to stay reasonably sober’.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing to get onto the US Supreme Court was contentious because he was accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Rao’s column continued: ‘And if she drinks to the point where she can no longer choose, well, getting to that point was part of her choice. Implying that a drunk woman has no control of her actions, but that a drunk man does strips women of all moral responsibility.’

Even more – so what happens now?

In another piece, Rao called affirmative action the ‘anointed dragon of liberal excess’. These various actions are sure to come up in a confirmation hearing — if it happens.

At the end of the most recent session of Congress, Rao’s nomination, along with several others, were returned to the White House.

Trump is expected to re-nominate Rao.

Rao, who attended law school and has been a law professor but never a judge, is also reportedly on the White House’s list of future Supreme Court nominees should another seat become vacant.

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