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Trump addresses transgender memo, claims he’s ‘protecting the country’

Trump addresses transgender memo, claims he’s ‘protecting the country’

Donald Trump addresses trump memo hotline doubles

Donald Trump has finally addressed the memo that revealed plans to define gender based on genitals.

The leaked memo received widespread condemnation from people across the country. Protests erupted almost immediately after the news broke.

However, the US President has finally commented, stating he wants to ‘protect the country’.

Speaking on Monday (22 October): ‘We have a lot of different concepts right now. They have a lot of different things happening with respect to transgender right now.’

According to Reuters, after being asked about his campaign promise to protect the LGBTI community, he responded: ‘I’m protecting everybody. I want to protect our country.’

Intersex people are also at risk

The proposal in the memo – first reported by the New York Times – would see the administration attempt to change the definition of gender to male or female based on the genitals of the person at birth. It would then be unchangeable later in life.

This is also incredibly discriminatory to intersex people.

Without being able to define their gender identity, millions of transgender people would lose their protections. Brought in by President Barack Obama, transgender people are protected in healthcare, schools and the military.

The news has been devastating for the trans community in the States, as the community fears for their future.

Crisis support hotline Trans Lifeline have reported a massive increase in callers in the one day since the memo was leaked.

They wrote on Twitter: ‘Just today, we’ve gotten 2x the normal number of first-time callers and 4x the number of total callers.

‘Donations keep our Hotline running and our Microgrants flowing – give today and help us serve our community.

The memo will affect around 1.4 million trans people across the country.

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