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Trump’s religious freedom adviser Tony Perkins: Trans flags are ‘unpleasant’

Trump’s religious freedom adviser Tony Perkins: Trans flags are ‘unpleasant’

International Trans Day of Visibility

Trump’s religious freedom adviser and head of the anti-LGBTI Family Research Council, Tony Perkins, has deemed trans pride flags ‘unpleasant’ and ‘jarring.’

What happened?

Ahead of last week’s Transgender Day of Visibility, many United States politicians including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders flew trans pride flags outside their offices. This was to show solidarity with the trans community and to stand up for their rights.

In a 29 March blog post on the Family Research Council website, Perkins ranted about the all the transgender flags waving on Capitol Hill.

‘Is it Capitol Hill or a transgender pride parade? In some hallways, it’s tough to tell,’ Perkins writes. ‘The same Democrats who think our military should take a backseat to gender-free validation are proving it by lining the walls of House office buildings with “trans equality” flags. And in case our troops didn’t know where they ranked with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) party, some even took down POW displays to make room.’

‘It’s a jarring sight on the 5th floor of the Longworth House Office Building,’ he continues. ‘A sea of baby blue and pink flags greets everyone who walks by. An unpleasant reminder of just where the new majority’s priorities are. Not that anyone really needed reminding. Late yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) party made it quite clear what they thought about our service members by condemning a policy that saves our military from deadly distractions. But in the Left’s hierarchy of political priorities, keeping the troops safe has always fallen way below keeping them “tolerant.”’

“Transgender extremism”

‘For two years, liberals have blasted the president for putting national security first,’ Perkins states. ‘They’ve called him a coward. They took him to court. They argued he didn’t have the power to change the policy – even though Barack Obama miraculously did. And Thursday, to cap it off, they took a formal vote of condemnation. In another sign of just how fanatical the Left has become, every single Democrat went against the service chiefs’ advice, the Pentagon’s research, and the men and women in uniform to make a party statement: We put transgender extremism first.’

Trans ban in the military

Perkins goes on to defend Trump’s proposed ban on transgender troops in the military.

‘This has never been a ban on qualified men and women,’ Perkins writes. ‘If a recruit passes the tests and hasn’t been formally diagnosed with gender dysphoria, they’re free to join. So long as they serve as their biological sex.’

‘Thank goodness for true House conservatives, who are willing to stand up to a party that’s willing to put POW flags in the closet so transgenders can come out of theirs. Political correctness doesn’t win wars – and it’s time we put an end to policies that pretend it does.’

Anything else?

In the past, Perkins has made numerous transphobic and homophobic statements as head of the controversial Family Research Council. Last fall, the group encouraged members to ‘pray for their right’ to harm LGBTI children.

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