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How Trustatrader’s unique guarantee protects you from Day 1

How Trustatrader’s unique guarantee protects you from Day 1

Trustatrader's Insurance Backed Guarantee covers you, even when works have only just started

When you buy anything in a store – a laptop, a phone, a washing machine – it usually comes with a warranty, protecting you against the product breaking too early.

The same usually applies to any services tradespeople provide. For two years, you have a guarantee that your tiles will stay on the walls, or your new shower won’t suddenly fall apart.

But what if anything happens after those two years?

Especially for a bigger project, like a conservatory, carport or even an extension, you’ll want peace of mind that they’ll stay in prime condition for years and years to come.

To cover you, even if your tradesperson can’t honor the warranty, Trustatrader is offering members the opportunity to offer customers Insurance Backed Guarantees – something no other company on the market provides.

The concept is simple: at no extra cost, the tradesperson takes out the warranty, giving it to you as soon as the job starts.

As a result, you get full peace of mind and know that, whatever happens, you won’t be left without assistance.

And it doesn’t just cover the completed project, either.

From the moment you pay the deposit, even if works haven’t started yet, you’re covered against all eventualities.

So there’s no way you’ll be left with a half-finished deck, or with your bathroom nowhere near ready to be used, even if the plumber you chose stops trading.

But it’s not only eventual liquidation the insurance covers: if your plumber goes into retirement or, even worse, dies, Trustatrader will help you out.

If you need to claim your insurance, Trustatrader will confirm your claim before sending out one of their other contractors to complete anything that needs rectifying.

And nobody will make off with your deposit, either – if they do, you can either get another contractor to do the task, or a full refund of your deposit.

And the best thing? If you sell your home, and the guarantee is still applicable.

The buyers won’t have to worry, either, because it’ll automatically transfer to them.