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Turkey plans special LGBTI segregated jail facility

Turkey’s Ministry of Justice has announced plans for a special prison to house LGBTI inmates away from other prisoners for their own protection

Turkey plans special LGBTI segregated jail facility

Turkey will create a separate prison facility for LGBTI prisoners under a new plan unveiled by the country’s Ministry of Justice.

The plan was announced after an opposition lawmaker asked Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag about the treatment of LGBTI prisoners in Turkey’s prison system,

Bozdag said that those prisoners who were prepared to identify themselves as being LGBTI were currently held separated away from heterosexual prisoners on so-called ‘pink wards’ in Turkish prisons but the ministry had plans for establishing a dedicated prison facility for LGBTI offenders in future.

According to figures from April of 2013 there were around 80 openly LGBTI individuals in Turkish prisons though it is likely the number is higher as many would be afraid to disclose their identity on entering prison.

Turkey is not the first country to open a prison for LGBTI people. Italy opened a prison for transgender offenders in 2010.

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