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Turkish nationalists hack gay Kurd Facebook page

Extremist nationalist group Ayyildiz Tim hacks the Kurdish LGBT group Hebûn’s Facebook user page

Turkish nationalists hack gay Kurd Facebook page

An extremist Turkish nationalist hacking group called Ayyildiz Tim has hacked the Facebook user page of Hebûn, the Kurdish LGBT Association based in Dyarbakir.

Members of Hebûn are extremely concerned about sensitive information that was stored on their account, including details revealing the identity of closeted gay people.

The group, which represents Kurdish LGBT community and is based in Diyarbakir, says its members suffer the double discrimination of being gay and Kurd. They used the Facebook page as their main means of organising meetings and events.

Ayyildiz Tim attacked the Hebûn page this weekend and posted nationalist symbols, intended to offend Kurds, and a video bragging about their previous hacks. The group has previously hacked many websites, forums and facebook pages and users, including the United Nations’ official page.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Arif, the head of Hebûn said: ‘The Facebook page which was very useful for us in reaching LGBT people has been hacked and everything has been changed with nationalist pictures and announcements.

‘It is most definitely a homophobic, transphobic and fascist attack, since we are Kurdish and LGBT. It serves as a reminder to the difficulties and discrimination we face as being both Kurdish and LGBT.’

The user page was connected with over 2,500 friends who need to communicate safely and often with their identity protected.

Arif said: ‘We had 2,540 friends most of whom had visibility problems. That is, they haven't come out and our friend list was hidden because of this. Yet, this fascist attack made the friend list visible to public, which makes us really upset and worried. You must guess how hard to be a visible LGBT person here.

‘Not a single organisation said made any statement related to this incident, or let alone protest against or had it covered in the Turkish media.’

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