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Turkish pop star accused of blackmailing over 50 men after they hooked up

Turkish pop star accused of blackmailing over 50 men after they hooked up

Bulut Duman accused of blackmail

Over 50 men accused pop star Bulut Duman of using photos of their hook ups to blackmail them for money.

The men have filed complaints against the 28-year-old in several provinces in Turkey, including Istanbul, Bursa and Giresun, according to court documents seen by Hurriety Daily News.

The complainants say they met Duman on gay dating sites and include engineers, doctors, public servants, and the nephew of a former Turkish minister.

They claim Duman met them for sex, before returning to extort money from them with photographic evidence of their encounter. He allegedly threatened to share the evidence if they didn’t pay him.

One victim claims that after refusing to hand over money, Duman created a fake Facebook account and shared the photos with the victim’s co-workers. The victim, who works in finance, resigned.

He denies the accusations

Another victim was a police officer, who said Duman took 80,000 Turkish Liras ($14,635/£11,301) from him.

Duman has been convicted for fraud and sentenced to jail in one case, but has been acquitted in another. Many of the legal cases are ongoing.

The pop star is currently appealing the conviction.

‘Most of the complainants know each other. They are the ones who blackmailed me. I am not a member of any gay dating websites,’ Duman told Hurriyet Daily News.

‘The allegations against me are ugly. I am a pedagogical expert and I have filed counter-suits.’

The star has released an Instagram video in Turkish where he claims to not be gay, and once again denies the claims.

The German-born pop star has two studio albums. His most recent song, Tey Tey, has amassed millions of views.

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