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How to turn every dating app match into a date

How to turn every dating app match into a date

How do I get people to go on dates with me on dating apps | Photo: Chappy

Sponsored: As the January blues are in full swing, it’s easy to get bogged down and give up on the apps.

‘New Year, New You’ is being banded around everywhere – and that can feel exhausting.

It’s so tiring because ultimately in this new year, you are still the same you. And frankly, it’s that same ‘you’ who should be finding happiness on apps. As opposed to some ‘new you.’

And that’s Chappy’s advice too. They’ve been telling me:

‘If you’re going to find love, or something more spontaneous, going into the apps with an honest and authentic approach is the way forward.’

So this is what I learned from our conversation about the way people are meeting using their app.

All, so you can turn every match, into a date.

1. Send a GIF if you’re struggling with an opener

After a swiping marathon, I was getting disheartened that no-one was replying to my series of ‘heys.’

So in an attempt to proactively step up my game, I thought about one of my best qualities. My gif game.

Early on in one conversation, someone asked me, what are you looking for here? And I went all out: ‘Someone to love as much as this kid loves her unicorn.’

We went on the best date I’d been on in months.

And it turns out this serendipitous discovery, is actually backed up by data. People are more likely to reply to a gif, than plain text on Chappy.

No wonder I was able to turn my match into a date with this beauty:

2. Be honest with yourself about what you want

Another thing this taught me, was how important it was to know what I wanted before I opened the app.

On Chappy, you can choose whether you are swiping on ‘Mr Right’ or ‘Mr Right Now.’ This is designed to help you find guys on your wavelength from something serious to something more spontaneous.

When I sent a fluffy unicorn gif, clearly my end game was clearly undying love and rainbows.

And that’s why when I’m using the app because I have some time to kill on Saturday afternoon, I play my gif game a little differently – but equally as honest, with the vibes I’m going for:

3. Know when to use the dating apps

Now you know what you want, when is the best time to look for it?

Chappy tell me that if you are looking for Mr Right, then their evidence shows the optimum time to log in to the dating app between Sunday and Thursday.

Between those days you are much more likely to match and meet someone who you want to date and grow into a long-term relationship

But if you’re just a looking for a more short-term ‘Mr Right Now’, Friday and Saturday are your best days.

4. Choose photos that show off the real you

We all know the dating app photo tropes.

One of you with animals, from when you went traveling – and for some reason with the Snapchat puppy filter.

But just because everyone else has them, doesn’t mean you have to as well.

In fact, your photos should say something about you. Chappy only accepts pictures with your face in, so actually, authenticity is critical.

Make sure they are up to date and honest selection showing you, just being yourself.

You want to find someone who likes you for who you are. So no matter how impressive you think your pictures make you look, find ones that show the most authentic you off.

5. Add your Instagram profile

This one is a no-brainer. Guys who have linked their Instagrams have on average 18x more matches – this a huge increase!

Curating your Instagram feed may feel like a millennial nightmare. But, if you take the above advice into account it doesn’t have to be.

Let your Instagram be an authentic reflection of your life so your matches see the true you.

And while we’re talking about massively increasing your amount of matches. Guys who send ‘Sparks’ on average have 47x more matches. It’s Chappy’s feature that lets users alert a potential match of their undying affection before they swipe.

So now all that is left to do is go out and charm the world.

Because, as I say to the lad I’m currently dating who I matched with online – charm will get you everywhere.

Chappy is now available in the App Store & Google Play Store.

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