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This new TV ad demands Donald Trump drop his trans military ban

This new TV ad demands Donald Trump drop his trans military ban

The ad condemning Trump's ban.

Numerous LGBTQ advocacy groups launched a new television ad across the United States on Friday (2 March). It targets and criticizes Donald Trump’s desire to ban transgender personnel from the military.

The Human Rights Camapign, Lambda Legal, and other organizations are running it on news programs like CNN and, yes, even Fox News.

The 30-second ad refers to Trump as an ‘impulsive president’ and asks people to to demand the Trump administration ‘put troops ahead of your politics’.

Titled Patriots, the ad begins with Trump’s initial tweet announcing the ban last July.

It then focuses on other high-ranking officials in the military countering Trump’s stance.

What will happen?

The issue of transgender troops in the military — and whether they’ll be banned or allowed to join — has been dragged out since Trump’s tweet.

First numerous courts began looking into the matter and declaring Trump’s ban didn’t hold. Eventually, a judge ruled the military must allow trans troops to enlist again starting this year.

The first enlistee joined earlier this month.

However, a recent court order revealed the White House administration had plans to release a new military policy. The Pentagon made recommendations and Trump is expected to announce the new policy by 23 March.

For now, there is no sure vision of what the future looks like for transgender troops.