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TV presenter says Polish broadcaster fired him for being gay

TV presenter says Polish broadcaster fired him for being gay

A TV presenter has claimed his former employer, the Polish national broadcaster, for being gay.

Jakub Kwieciński has worked at TVP, the national broadcaster, for the past nine years.

Known worldwide for videos he makes with his husband and partner, he released a Christmas song on YouTube on 4 December.

Bosses at Polish national broadcaster fires gay TV presenter

He claims one day later, his new boss informed him his contract would not be renewed. A day later, he was forced to leave.

Directors informed colleagues: ‘He should be so lucky that we realized so late what he was doing in our company.’

Describing his job as editor and presenter as a ‘dream job’, Kwiecinski said he felt ‘hopeless’ after he was fired.

‘If someone didn’t like my work I could change something,’ he told Gay Star News.

‘But you cannot change your sexual orientation and you cannot be blamed for it.’

New director is against representing gay people on TV

Two years ago Jacek Kurski, a former member of the conservative political party Law and Justice, was named as the president of TVP.

When TVP was going to make its own version of UK show First Dates, they banned gay couples.

‘We’re a publicly funded broadcaster and have to follow certain rules firmly expressed in both our Constitution and the law,’ Kurski said.

‘The Constitution says that the family, according to Polish law, is the union of man and woman.’

Kurski’s appointment came as Kwieciński started to find fame. A video showing him and his partner lip syncing to a Roxette song went viral, with the band members themselves sharing it widely.

‘I started wearing glasses, I changed my hair.’

Gay Polish couple meets with Roxette

But as his face became known, he was hiding at work.

‘I started using a different surname and I started wearing glasses,’ Kwieciński added to GSN, saying he even changed his hairstyle.

‘It was kinda funny but also sad. I was afraid for more than a year that it could happen.’

Kwieciński is now taking time off and mourning the loss of his dream job.

‘I’m devastated.’

‘I put a lot of energy to my work for TVP and I feel devastated and not ready for a new job,’ he said.

‘David is with me so I’m sure I will be fine.’

A TVP spokesperson has said: ‘Employees personal affairs are a private matter and has no impact on staffing decisions.’

They added the contract was not renewed due to internal ‘restructuring’.

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