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Tweets you need to see this Trans Day of Remembrance

Tweets you need to see this Trans Day of Remembrance

Image by Danny Beard via Twitter

It’s Transgender Day of Remembrance and messages of commemoration from around the world are flooding in.

From activists, charities, celebrities and campaign groups, Twitter has been aflame with tweets from people using the #TDoR or #TransDayOfRemembrance hash tags.

Co-chair of Transgender Europe Alecs Recher told Gay Star News how important the day is, in light of shocking new statistics on trans murders around the world.

‘Transgender Day of Remembrance is there to honor the people that have lost their lives to brutal transphobia,’ Recher told Gay Star News.

The police, the judicial system, the media and the wider public must never misgender, misname or misreport a trans person’s death. At least in death the victim’s dignity must not be violated again.

‘It is so important for us all to come together on Transgender Day of Remembrance to commemorate the victims and see it as a task to work together to prevent further murders and to improve trans peoples’ general living conditions.’