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Twin brothers both come out as gay to their parents live on YouTube

Dad just calmly keeps eating his chicken while mom has all kinds of questions and observations

Twin brothers both come out as gay to their parents live on YouTube

Adam and Luke Monastero don’t look much alike considering they are twin brothers.

But they are alike in one very big way: both are gay.

The 21-year-olds decided to break the news to their parents together live on their YouTube channel. The conversation takes place in the family kitchen where their father is sitting eating some jerk chicken.

‘We are a little bit shocked and surprised,’ says their mom. ‘Are you sure? … Have you been with a girl?’

Their mom admits she had long suspected curly-haired Luke was but is surprised to find out about clean-cut Adam.

‘I’ve been denying myself for a long time and I think that’s why we’ve had a bad relationship,’ Adam says to his mom.

Although there are no tears and no hugs on the video, both parents make clear that their sons have got to live their own life.

Says their mom: ‘You can’t live your life for someone else … you guys have your own life to live. I’m just glad you’re not keeping it from us anymore.’

Their dad echoes her sentiments although it’s hard to make out what exactly he is saying since he never stops eating his chicken.

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