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Twins come out as gay to dad and post their emotional chat on YouTube

Twins come out as gay to dad and post their emotional chat on YouTube

Aaron and Austin Rhodes came out to their dad at the same time and have shared their emotional YouTube where they are already a popular presence.

The twins live in a different state from their dad so they called him in the phone to break the news.

It was not easy.

They had already told the rest of their family and had plans to go public on their The Rhodes Bros YouTube channel.

They had taken a break from posting videos and Aaron says in the video that ‘we want to come back as authentic as possible.’

They nervously call their dad and Aaron nervously begins to tell him about a video that’s coming out.

He starts to cry and Austin takes the phone briefly before Aaron gets back and is able to say: ‘Well, I don’t really know how to say how else to put it but I’m gay and Austin is too. We just wanted to tell you.’

Austin said to hos dad: ‘I want to be able to have you behind us 100 percent and I just don’t want you to, like, not love us anymore.’

Not chance of that.

Their dad seemed surprised but remained calm, thoughtful and reassuring.

‘You know I love you both – that will never change. You gotta live your lives. You gotta do what you gotta do.’

When Austin says he wants things to be normal between them the dad interjects with: ‘You ARE normal.’

After hanging up and taking a 10 minute break to collect themselves, the Rhodes twins look relieved and say they hope sharing their story will inspire others to live authentic lives.

Said Aaron: ‘I literally feel like 10 million pounds have been lifted from my shoulders.’

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