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Twitter reacts to reality TV star calling out ‘promiscuous gay men’

Twitter reacts to reality TV star calling out ‘promiscuous gay men’

We’ve heard it all before – the moral outcry from some members of the gay community who claim promiscuity gives all gay men a bad wrap.

But when does that become slut shaming?

When does one person’s right to sleep with whomever they want, start to affect the rest of us?

The answer? It doesn’t.

Or at least, it shouldn’t if you don’t let it.

When you actually hear someone typecast the whole of the gay community for being promiscuous, tell them they’re wrong.

Tell them that you personally might not think open relationships are for you, but that you don’t judge other couples for doing it.

But when you make a judgment about someone else’s relationship or how many people they choose to sleep with, this form of slut shaming within our own community only adds to the division and derision.

Linford Martin, famous for appearing on the UK reality television show, First Dates, penned an article on GuysLikeU about the topic.

And, unsurprisingly, Twitter has reacted pretty strongly to the article titled: Promiscuous gay guys give our community a bad name!’

Martin took to Twitter to defend his comments

Whatever your opinion on promiscuity and the gay community, it’s so important to keep an open mind about how other people live their life.

The original article starts off by saying cheating is wrong. And then the point gets muddled into a debate about morals and monogamy.

My advice to Mr Martin would be: You focus on you and don’t worry about how other people live their life. If it doesn’t directly affect you, why not let them have their fun?

What do you think?