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Twitter schools Rosie O’Donnell on expecting women to smile

Twitter schools Rosie O’Donnell on expecting women to smile

Rosie O'Donnell

Never tell a woman to smile. Rosie O’Donnell learned that the hard way.

Twitter slammed the comedian for this today (22 January) after they noticed a tweet from O’Donnell.

In the tweet, she shared a screenshot of the news, showing an image of Senator Patty Murray (WA) and asking: ‘Who is that woman and why is she always frowning?’

People were quick to reply to O’Donnell and they weren’t happy with her comment.

‘She’s U.S. Senator Patty Murray and is the third-ranking member of the Senate Democratic Leadership. I don’t think Senators are required to smile.’

‘Smiling is not a requirement for her job (or for any woman, for that matter).’

Then someone recommended her an Atlantic article and documentary about telling women to smile.

The societal concept of telling a woman to smile is one that has been much discussed and criticized.

It posits women as only being there to look pretty and act accommodating. It doesn’t allow a woman the leeway of being angry nor powerful.

‘Gonna go donate’

Fortunately, O’Donnell responded to the criticism in the best way possible.

She clarified she doesn’t expect women to smile and that she had no idea Murray was a Senator. Once she found out, she decided to go donate to her.

O’Donnell ended with the hashtag #BlueTsunami2018 because it’s a midterm election year, and Democrats are hoping to take back the Senate and House of Representatives.

Other people had slightly more humurous — and tragically true — responses.