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Twitter sleuth tracks down Philadelphia anti-gay attackers

Twitter sleuth tracks down Philadelphia anti-gay attackers

An anonymous Twitter user may have identified suspects wanted in connection with an attack on a gay couple in Philadelphia last week.

The Philadelphia Police Department released a photo and video of the suspects yesterday.

Within hours former Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Greg Bennett tweeted a photo that showed a group of people at a restaurant wearing the same clothes as the suspects in the video.

He said he received the photo from ‘a friend of a friend’ but did not know where it had been taken. 

An anonymous Twitter user in South Jersey then re-uploaded the photo and his followers identified the setting as La Viola Italian restaurant, which is near to where the attack occurred.

He said he had identified the people in the photo by looking to see who had checked in to the restaurant on Facebook on the night of the attack and notified the police.

Philadelphia police officer Joe Murray sent a series of tweets that seemed to indicate the man had solved the case.

Later that night 6ABC radio station said some of the suspects had already retained lawyers who were making ‘arrangements’ with police before warrants were issued for their arrest.

The Twitter user said he will donate half of the $10,000 reward to LGBTI charities.