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Twitter thread brilliantly destroys ‘being gay is a choice’ argument

Twitter thread brilliantly destroys ‘being gay is a choice’ argument

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A well-known argument from homophobes is that homosexuality is a ‘choice’. Over the weekend, one tweet — and its hundreds of responses — perfectly eviscerated that argument.

On Friday (22 March), Simon H posed a simple question to Twitter: ‘So. Gays. When Y’all choose to be gay?’

He then revealed the day he made the ‘decision’.

‘For me it was a beautiful spring day and I just thought, “You know what, I really want to disappoint my parents, offend my church, limit my options, lose my rights, live in fear of homophobic abuse, be afraid to hold my partner’s hand,”‘ he wrote.

Based on the over 14,000 retweets, 4,700 likes, and 300 responses, it’s clear the tweet resonated with people.

So why did people ‘choose’ this identity?

Most people followed Simon’s cue and wrote about the abuse, bullying, and harassment they face being part of the LGBTI community.

As a marginalized group, LGBTI people face higher rates of these negative experiences in their every day life.

One person referenced the way people are treated when they don’t fit into the gender binary.

Yet another brought up the HIV and AIDS crisis and how they wanted ‘some of that’.

Others pointed out how the ‘choice’ doesn’t only affect just yourself.

Others still discussed their various intersecting identities.

Some went for slightly more humorous takes.

In a single Twitter thread, people decimated the idea that being gay, or any part of the LGBTI community, is at all a choice.

There is pride in the community, but there is also an acute awareness of the reality for many people in the community.

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