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Two drag queens open up about the racism they face on the LGBTI scene

Two drag queens open up about the racism they face on the LGBTI scene

drag queens discuss racism sum ting wong tia kofi

Two drag queens have opened up about the racism they face on the LGBTI scene even while performing.

Performers Sum-Ting-Wong and Tia Kofi spoke on a video for National Student Pride discussing racism on the queer scene.

When asked if she experiences any racism, Sum-Ting-Wong said: ‘All the f**king time. I’m Chinese and I get people saying ‘Herro Miss Wong’ and ‘Ching chong chang chung chang.

‘Obviously, I laugh it off.’

Meanwhile, Tia Kofi explained she faces stereotypes for being mixed race. She said: ‘What I experience from people is if I sort of speak up for myself or aim to defend myself in situations where I don’t feel comfortable, I’ll be told that I am aggressive or I’m getting too in their face.

‘I’m from Essex, I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

The updated pride flag

The pair also discussed the backlash against the inclusion of black and brown stripes on the rainbow flags this year by both Manchester Pride and National Student Pride.

This included Peggy Wessex, a British drag queen who promoted a show in Manchester with a poster of a unicorn throwing up the black and brown stripes.

Sum-Ting-Wong said: ‘If [changing the flag] is that big a deal to you, you need to add black and brown stripes to your pride dresses.’

‘Mm very that,’ Tia Kofi adds, ‘but probably black and brown friends to your friendship groups.’

The video comes ahead of National Student Pride’s Pride Not Prejudice event on 23 February. They are hosting a panel of diverse and influential figures – such as Munroe Bergdorf and UK Black Pride representative Moud Gouba – to talk about discrimination in the LGBTI scene.

Watch the full video here: 

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