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Two girls went on The Bachelor to compete for a guy, but ended up falling in love with each other

Two girls went on The Bachelor to compete for a guy, but ended up falling in love with each other

Bachelor contestants found love on reality show. Who'da thought it?

Two women on The Bachelor have proved it is actually possible to find love, but not in a way the show ever intended.

The show is pretty simple: A bunch of pretty women compete for one man and get steadily eliminated until there is one man and one woman left.

And do those relationships last? Hardly ever.

But beyond the rose ceremonies, former contestants on The Bachelor Australia 2016 Megan Marx and Tiffany James have found a connection they couldn’t have expected when they signed up for the show.

Posting stunning pictures together on Instagram, they write they are each other’s ‘favorite person’ and ‘there are many things that I love but this is one’.

Marx has now captioned a post saying of James: ‘I have to admit that I felt so so proud to be with her, my favorite person, celebrating such a momentous occasion on the water — a mutual love of ours.

‘She is so confident in the ocean and in every adventure, as if every new experience is a winning of the lottery somehow; a chance to grow and learn and develop.’

She added: “From that first cocktail party, it was like this instant calibration between souls, as if we had known each other once before. Friendship ripened into something bolder, trust in a very strange situation was formed, and now every adventure we have rivals the other — and continues to make plans for itself.

‘She’s helped me to disintegrate many of the ideals I’ve had that were harmful (about relationships, about career and “stability”) and for that I feel set free.

‘Thank you for always asking question (detective Tiff), for being curious about people, ideologies and the universe; for loving people with such a wholesome love that I don’t know if I would ever be able to emulate. It inspires me.

‘Happy birthday Tiffany. I love you.’

Now that’s a happily ever after that you can finally root for.