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Two Jamaican men believed lovers murdered in possible hate crime

Two Jamaican men believed lovers murdered in possible hate crime

Montego Bay: a major port. Pleasance Heights is one of its notoriously run-down communities

Two men were murdered in Montego Bay, Jamaica: It is believed to be a hate crime, on Tuesday.

The two murdered men were 40-year-old Orville Lorne and another man as yet unidentified.

They were murdered the morning of Tuesday May 26.

At 5.50am, neighbours saw ‘men armed with guns’ enter the house, fire a number of shots, and left.

The bodies of Lorne and the other man were discovered within, as reported in the Jamaica Gleaner.

Assistant commissioner of police Winchroy Budhoo said: ‘Yes, we can confirm that there was a double murder in Providence Heights, but we have only ascertained the identity of one of the victims.’

A woman living in the notoriously dangerous neighbourhood of Pleasance Heights said: ‘We don’t know nothing about it.

‘A just two fish get fry over there,’ she said, referencing the men; a derogatory word for gay men in Jamaica is ‘fish’.

She said the community were unphased by the deaths because the men were gay.

The parish of St. James, where Montego Bay is the capital, has had almost 80 murders this year.

It is the most dangerous police division on the island of 2.7 million people. Last year 212 people were murdered: a new record.

A statement denouncing the deaths is unlikely if the men were indeed gay.

Prime minister Andrew Holness said he would put the current colonialist bugger laws, which penalise homosexuality with 10 years in prison, to a public referendum. He has not done this so far, having been elected in early March.

Police are also unlikely to step in. Lawyer and activist Maurice Tomlinson writes in 76crimes: ‘When I visited the Freeport police station to report my own death threats as a result of my LGBTI activism, the recording officer said that he hates gays and they make him sick.’

In 2011, a 16 year old boy Oshane Gordon was murdered with machetes after it was believed he had ‘questionable relations with another man.’

Another 16-year-old boy, Dwayne Jones, was violently murdered in 2013 after dressing up as a woman at a party, again in Montego Bay.

According to a recent survey: three out of four LGBTI Jamaicans want to leave the country, and the violence against gay residents is doing damage to the economy.