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Two teens arrested after anti-gay attack in east London

Two teens arrested after anti-gay attack in east London

Two teens have been arrested in connection with an anti-gay attack in East London.

Earlier today, a couple revealed how they were getting cash out at a bank on Whitechapel Road when a group of Bangladeshi teens surrounded them.

The two gay men, 23-year-old Walter Adrian and his 24-year-old partner, said they were left bloody and beaten by the attack. During the incident, they were repeatedly called ‘faggots’.

In a statement, a Met Police spokesperson said: ‘The victims, a 23-year-old and a 24-year-old man were verbally abused and then punched and kicked by two youths who were part of a group of five or six boys riding bikes.

‘The victims suffered minor injuries. They did not require medical attention.

‘This incident is believed to be homophobic.

‘On 13 June, two 16-year-year old male youths from E1 and E14 were arrested in connection with this incident and taken to an east London police station.’

‘We weren’t even acting gay and that’s what’s upsetting,’ Adrian told the Evening Standard.

‘Whether anyone is gay or not you just can’t feel safe. You’re scared of being attacked and afraid to go out by yourself.’

Adrian was left unconscious after the attack on 13 June, while his partner was hit at least 10 times.

He described the attackers as 15 to 18-year-old Bangladeshis wearing dark sports clothing, some with hoodies.

The arrests come as new shocking figures reveal homophobic crime has increased since last year.