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Two trans women in India attacked after resisting demands for sex

Two trans women in India attacked after resisting demands for sex

Rana VS and her adoptive mother Sajana Shaji in hospital (Photo: Facebook)

Two trans women were attacked in Kerala, Southern India last week.

Rana VS and her adoptive mother Sajana Shaji filed complaints at a Ernakulam police station on Saturday (10 November).

They accuse a man of physically assaulting them and damaging their motorcycle, according The News Minute.

Sajana said the 50 year-old man allegedly approached Rana VS for sex. Sajana was hospitalized with a neck injury after an altercation, according to the local news site.

One of their friends, who tried to intervene, was also attacked, Sajana said.

Shockingly, police asked the man they say attacked them if he wished to file charges against them.

India’s transgender population have said they continue to experience violence despite a landmark win for the LGBTI community earlier this year.

In September, India’s Supreme Court ruled that a law making gay sex illegal was not constitutional. What’s more, the judges enshrined LGBT equality.

But trans women claim they remain vulnerable to violence, including from police.

Friday’s attack

Sajana, a social activist, and Rana, a first-year student of Maharajas College, stopped to talk to a sex-worker friend on their way to dinner on Friday night.

They allege a drunk man in his fifties approached Rana for sex.

When Sajana explained she was not available, he grabbed Rana and said he would give 500 rupees.

‘I told him again that she is not for sale and asked him to leave her’ Sajana said.

‘He then turned abusive and started hitting our vehicle with a stone, breaking the indicators and causing other damages’ Sajana told The News Minute.

The pair pursued the man to demand he pay for the damage he caused. He was joined by other men who then grabbed the women’s clothes and breasts.

When the police arrived, they asked the alleged attacker if he wanted to file a case.

‘I told the police that I want to file a case, as our vehicle was damaged and our people were abused. I informed him that the man was drunk and showed our bike and the damage he caused’ Sajana said.

Police reportedly said if the man had a complaint the women would be taken to the station. If the women wished to complain, however, they could go to the station the next day to register it.

‘Don’t we have the same rights?’ Sajana asked The News Minute.