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Two US students wear 'Gay is not ok' t-shirts on pro-gay school day

Christian pupils claimed homosexuality is offensive to their religion and decided to protest with anti-gay slogans

Two US students wear 'Gay is not ok' t-shirts on pro-gay school day

Two US students wore ‘Gay is not ok’ t-shirts in order to protest a LGBTI awareness day at school last week.

The seniors at Oregon City High School were told by administrative staff to remove their tops or turn them inside out, as other students found them offensive.

Other pupils of the school were celebrating the Day of Silence, a day where students take a silent vow in order to protest against homophobic bullying.

They said they did not care gay people found the t-shirts offensive, as ‘gays’ were offensive in their religion.

‘I’m not comfortable with you guys making a whole day about what you believe,’ one of the seniors told KATU.

‘So if you’re going to make a whole day out of it and not talk and a have a ‘moment of silence,’ then I can wear my t-shirt.’

The Day of Silence campaign is supported by The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and on their website they describe the Day of Silence as a peaceful and non- violent student-lead protest for LGBTI rights.

The Day of Silence action was created in 1996 by students at the University of Virginia and became a part of the GLSEN program in 2001.

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