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Two women make out during selfie with Italy’s anti-LGBTI Deputy PM

Two women make out during selfie with Italy’s anti-LGBTI Deputy PM

a selfie with a man in the white shirt looking at the camera, with two women kissing on the lips next to him

Protesters heckled Italy’s far-right Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, during a public appearance on Thursday (25 April). Salvini is well known for his support of ‘traditional families’ and his stance against LGBTI issues and migrants.

Salvini appeared at a rally for Sicilian mayoral hopeful, Oscar Aiello, but people in the crowd started shouting ‘shame’ at him. They also sang the famous anti-fascist song, Bella Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful). The rally happened on Italy’s Liberation Day which celebrates the end of Nazi occupation after World War II.

But then women Gaia and Matilde took their protest to the next level when they asked Salvini for a selfie. As the deputy PM posed for the photo, the two girls started kissing. The photo has since gone viral.

Salvini’s reaction was one of surprise then horror with a video showing Salvini shaking his head when he realized what had happened.

‘Love beats hate 3-0. Trolling Savini live: Extreme level,’ wrote politician Marco Furfaro on Facebook.

‘Immense Gaia and Matilde.’

The Deputy PM who is also the Minister of the Interior has often spoken out against LGBTI issues.

Most recently, he spoke at the World Congress of Families which drew hundreds of protesters, unhappy with conferences’ stance on woman’s reproductive and LGBTI rights.

Last year, Salvini also spearhead legislation which would stop LGBTI people from seeking asylum in Italy on basis of persecution for their sexuality.

‘I’m willing to host women and children who are escaping from war… But all the others, no,’ he said in November last year after the law passed parliament.

‘I don’t want to be seen as an idiot.’