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Uganda archbishop: ‘Don’t harm gays, they’re God’s creatures’

Uganda archbishop: ‘Don’t harm gays, they’re God’s creatures’

A Uganda archbishop has taken an unusual stance in his country, calling on people to not harm gay people.

John Baptist Odama, the bishop of the Church in Gulu, has reminded Ugandans that homosexuals are also human beings created in the image of God.

‘Let us learn to love God’s human creatures. It is not that I am advocating for homosexual practice in the country, but we should not take laws into our hands to harm and hate the homosexuals because we all have weaknesses,’ he has said.

‘The country has been struggling to have a law to criminalizes homosexuality.

‘However, the struggle has been frustrated by the Constitutional Courts. People should not take the laws into their hands and harm homosexuals, since they are also human beings though with different sexual feelings.’

The bishop was making the remarks at Holy Rosary Catholic Church over the weekend while presiding over an opposite-sex wedding ceremony.

Earlier this month, the Constitutional Court nullified the anti-gay law that criminalized homosexuality and the promotion of homosexuality and punished both ‘crimes’ with a life sentence in jail.