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Uganda clerics hold gay hate Easter march

Uganda clerics hold gay hate Easter march

A gay hate march was held near slain Ugandan gay rights activist’s, David Kato, burial ground and home, in the village of Mukono.

Pastor Solomon Male, Reverend Thomas Musoke led yesterday (31 March) a group of about 100 people demanding ‘say no to homosexuality’, and ‘promoters of homosexuality’ to be prosecuted.

According to Pepe Julian Onziema, director of the group Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), who was present at the protest, Male claimed Uganda’s government is not doing enough to pass the Anti Homosexuality Bill, ‘join us against homosexuality. Government has failed’, he said.

The pastor alleged that Kato ‘sodomized’ Paul Kagaba, Male’s assistant and dropped names of gay activists (including several SMUG members) during his anti-gay rants.

He also held a gay porn journal and demonstrated it to the public that included young children, as a warning against LGBT people.

In addition, Onziema reported that a man in the crowd shouted at Male: ‘How do you know if you don’t do it? Stop encouraging our curiosity, you fake person’.

Male was undeterred and alleged that Kato’s grave became a site for ‘foreigners’ to come and pay ‘pilgrimage to homosexuality’.

Some of the crowds still questioned Male, saying: ‘You say homosexuals are given money to recruit people, but are you also given money to come here?’

Speaking with Gay Star News, Richard Lusimbo, SMUG’s research manager said: ‘I believe that Male is being pushed and funded by US evangelical groups to preach anti-gay hate – he made allegations to incite fear and hatred, saying that homosexuals are recruiting children, scaring local parents.

‘The idea is to distract people from reality and create a moral panic about the “West” giving money to “homosexuals” to “recruit” members, bolstered by declarations such as “homosexuality is unAfrican”, creating a scary image of LGBT people as something alien imposed by the west.

‘All this next to David Kato’s mother home who bore witness to the rally. She’s an elderly woman in her mid 70s, who is still grieving for her son.

‘She was strongly affected emotionally; hearing abuse shouted about her son was really heartbreaking for her’.

Lusimbo criticized the clerics: ‘It is imported homophobia from US evangelicals which is unAfrican, not homosexuality.

‘These religious leaders must respect the dead and those who lost their loved ones.

‘It is very African to leave the dead in peace and respect the elders, like Kato’s mother.

‘It is unAfrican to disrespect people in this way, it is unAfrican to expose children to pornography in public, this abuse and hate incitement is uncalled for’.

Musoke previously shouted abuse at Kato’s funeral and was forcibly removed.

While Male was recently found guilty in an Uganda court and sentenced to community service and fines for falsely accusing a priest of male rape.

David Kato, who was a member of SMUG was brutally murdered on 26 January 2011 while speaking with Onziema on the phone.