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Uganda lawmakers demand swift vote to restore anti-gay law

Uganda lawmakers demand swift vote to restore anti-gay law

Uganda lawmakers are gathering together to demand a swift vote to restore the anti-gay law.

A new vote by parliament could undo a ruling by Uganda’s Constitutional Court that invalidated the law.

But now lawmaker Latif Sebagala has said the petition for a re-vote had already collected 100 signatures.

On Friday, he said he believed he would have signatures from a majority of parliament.

‘We want the speaker to allow us suspend our rules of procedure so we can have the Anti-Homosexuality Act back and passed in three days,’ he said.

But it might not be as easy as that. For it to be passed, the bill’s opponents argue lawmakers would have to start the process from scratch.

David Bahati, the bill’s original sponsor, told Buzzfeed he did ‘not want to get into speculation’ about parliamentary procedure.

‘Any bill will pass through the procedure, and by the rules of procedure we will follow them and we will pass it,” Bahati said, adding, ‘We can suspend any of the rules if we think it is important.’

‘Whether it’s tomorrow or a week or a month, we will take whatever time is required to make sure that the future of our children is protected, the family is protected, and the sovereignty nation of the protected,’ Bahati said.

‘The issues of technicalities is not a big deal to anybody. But the big deal … is that homosexuality is not a human right here in Uganda.’

Edwin Sesange, a gay rights activist in Uganda, told Gay Star News: ‘It is very shocking for these MPs to go this far in the name of hate for fellow Ugandans.

‘We are also prepared to continue our challenge against this intended law that they are planning to bring up and we will continue to challenge all other anti-gay laws in Uganda through legal and peaceful means.’