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Uganda lesbian, a victim of ‘corrective rape’ and forced marriage, granted asylum in the UK

Uganda lesbian, a victim of ‘corrective rape’ and forced marriage, granted asylum in the UK

Margret Nazziwa will now be safe to live in the UK freely

A lesbian who said she was forced into marriage, raped, and tortured in Uganda has finally been granted asylum in the UK.

Margret Nazziwa, who fled Uganda in 2012, would have faced imprisonment and persecution if she had been deported back to her home country.

She suffered issues with her mental health over the trauma, and has been in therapy.

Margret had been with her girlfriend since June 2013, but the UK government argued their relationship was not ‘serious’. But now, after several scares, she was finally granted refugee status on Friday (20 May).

‘I am so happy to receive the good news. Two years ago i was facing deportation to one of the worst countries to be LGBTI but now i can proudly say am safe and living in one of the best countries to be LGBTI. This good news gives me a wider platform to continue campaigning for LGBTI countries in Uganda and other countries where being LGBTI is illegal.’

She added: ‘I would like to thank my girlfriend, the asylum and immigration judge, the UK government, Gay Star News, and all those that signed the petition to halt my deportation. I’d also like to thank my girlfriend, Out and Proud Diamond Group and my lawyers of Fadiga & Co solicitors.’

Edwin Sesange, director of Out and Proud Diamond Group, added: ‘We are very happy to receive this judgement from the courts. We gave evidence in this case in support of Margret Nazziwa. As a group we are here to support LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees. The judge has made his decision so Margret can now live her life without thoughts of being deported.

‘While more still needs to be done to ensure LGBTI asylum seekers are treated safely and respectfully, we thank the UK government for providing safety to lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people fleeing for their lives.’