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Uganda Minister of Ethics: Gay men want to rape me

Uganda Minister of Ethics: Gay men want to rape me

Father Simon Lokodo

Uganda’s homophobic Minister Of Ethics claims gay people want to rape him.

And it’s not the only bizarre claim made by Father Simon Lokodo, who quit his job as a priest after being made Uganda’s Minister of Ethics and Integrity in 2011.

He used an interview today to make a string of anti-gay claims, including saying one school principal is storing his pupil’s semen in test tubes.

And he alleges Ugandan children are being offered bribes to make them gay, with the ‘west’ providing the funds.

The interview is on homophobic website Red Pepper. It refers to gay people as ‘shameless homos’ and ‘bum-drillers’ in the article.

Lokodo, meanwhile, is dubbed in the interview an ‘amiable man of God’.

Lokodo tells Red Pepper: ‘My sources have revealed to me that the western world has pumped a lot of money in the homosexuality spread campaign. They want to finish off our beautiful culture.

‘Recruits are welcomed with huge chunks of money. The boys and girls who have been planted here to recruit our children earn Shs500,000 [$148/€133] per person.’

‘The boy is wearing three pampers. His anus was shattered beyond repair’

He says at a school in Eastern Uganda: ‘The headmaster there is recruiting all his students. A complaint is before me here indicating that this head teacher masturbates boys’ sperms and keeps them in test tubes. We are going to arrest him and the school will be closed immediately.’

He also reinforces the myth that anal sex means gay men have to wear diapers.

‘Just yesterday a son of one of the richest Ugandans came here and confessed. The boy is wearing three pampers. His anus was shattered beyond repair. He cannot sit with ease. He is suffering and wallowing in pain.

‘When the boy undressed before me, pus was oozing from his rear.’

But he indicated the young man may be punished for having gay sex.

‘Very many have come here denouncing the act. But of course I don’t offer blanket pardon. They must face the law because homosexuality is illegal here,’ Lokodo added.

He also boasted about the police raid on Uganda’s Mr and Miss Pride pageant on 4 August which attracted headlines and criticism around the world.

‘Upon getting intelligence that these shameless idiots were planning a march in Kampala, I reached out to police for personnel and immediately we raided them. We found them in the middle of the meeting planning to sin. We immediately stopped them and dispersed the meeting.’

‘We are going to procure this machine and it will detect homos’

Lokodo goes on to reveal ‘fresh tactics’ to tackle homosexuality – apparently by snooping on private conversations on messaging apps.

He tells Red Pepper: ‘One of them is a censor gadget or machine. We are going to procure this machine and it will detect homos and porn actors especially those misusing applications like WhatsApp with sex acts. The South Koreans are programming it. And very soon we will ship it into the country and all the evil will be busted.’

When Red Pepper asks if ‘this machine is really viable given the fact that this government is broke?’ Lokodo replies:

‘The Koreans want only Shs2.6bn [$771,000/€690,000] and government is willing to spend it because it is worth it.’

In fact, it is a huge sum of money in a country where the GDP per person is only $648.

Lokodo says despite the country’s hardship, they should reject western aid if donors insist on basic LGBTI human rights being respected.

‘If the donations they are giving us are being pegged on homosexuality promotion then we say a big NO! They can keep their monies. Africans lived before the white man came here, God will provide,’ he says.

And Lokodo claims he is also getting death and rape threats.

‘Every morning I say a prayer asking God to be my shield. The homos have been sending me messages threatening my life. Most of them even say they want to rape me but I don’t fear anything.’

‘Deliberate, misleading, dishonest and calculated’

Ugandan activist in exile, Edwin Sesange, director of the African Out and Proud Diamond Group, said Lokodo wanted to move attention away from the abuse LGBTI people arrested at the Pride event got at the hands of the police.

Sesange told GSN: ‘This is a deliberate, misleading, dishonest and calculated attempt by the minister to divert the world from degrading and inhumane sexual abuses that were inflicted to the Ugandan LGBTI community by the Ugandan police following his orders to close the Uganda pride 2016 events by any means possible.

‘Minister Lokodo is on record for publicly threatening violence towards innocent LGBTI Ugandans on many occasions. The minister’s actions have caused harm to many LGBTI Ugandans.

‘We call upon Fr Lokodo to restrain himself from inflicting inhumane treatment to innocent LGBTI Ugandans.’

Frank Mugisha, director at Sexual Minorities Uganda and the country’s most famous gay activist, told GSN, ‘Lokodo is delusional and a miss-guided bigot. As a government official he is spreading hate messages. Unfortunately many Ugandans believe him. These kind of statements from politicians create so much violence towards the LGBTI community.’

Lokodo’s interview in Red Pepper today (15 August) is only the latest in a campaign of homophobia by the tabloid. The publication gained worldwide notoriety for outing prominent people it claimed were gay or lesbian in 2006.