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Uganda national football manager tortured to ‘prove’ he’s not gay

Uganda national football manager tortured to ‘prove’ he’s not gay

The former Ugandan national football manager was tortured to ‘prove’ he’s not gay, a doctor has said.

Chris Mubiru is facing charges of ‘sodomizing’ one of his team players after he was allegedly ‘exposed’ by a tabloid.

In 2012, Red Pepper splashed pornographic pictures across their front page with the headline: ‘SMOKED OUT! Uganda Cranes boss nabbed sodomizing players – Shocking pictures inside.’

The captions were designed to outrage the conservative population, with one saying: ‘MASTER AT WORK: Mubiru nails the boy’s butt.’

Another said ‘END GAME: The boy struggles to stand up after the bum shattering session.’

The alleged ‘young player’ was not identified and the pictures were unable to verified.

Due to the papers selling so well, the gay pornographic Red Pepper issue was reprinted for another two weeks.

And now, three years later, Mubiru is facing a lifetime in jail for homosexuality.

In the court case, Mubiru’s lawyer asked a doctor to ‘anally probe’ the football manager. During these procedures, popular in Africa and the Middle East, the doctor examines the anus of a suspect for ‘proof’ he has engaged in anal sex and checks for traces of sperm.

The doctor also takes a picture to study the shape of the hole – the larger the width, the more ‘likely’ the person is gay, according to this discredited theory.

These tests are scientifically nonsensical and human rights organizations have condemned them for being inconclusive, degrading and a form of torture.

According to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, Dr Francis Kajumba said: ‘The lining of Mubiru’s genital was intact. I have examined two victims of sodomy, so I have some experience in such cases. There was no darkening or change on foreskin, his anus had a normal tone so it would withhold stool and his HIV/Aids status was also negative.’

Mubiru has claimed he is not gay, saying: ‘I have never, at any one time in my life, committed sodomy acts.’