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Uganda police arrest girl, aged EIGHT, for ‘lesbianism’

Uganda police arrest girl, aged EIGHT, for ‘lesbianism’

Uganda joins IDAHOT fight for LGBTI equality across the globe

A girl, who is only eight years old, is in police custody after being accused of ‘lesbianism’.

Jinja Police Child Family Protection, based in the eastern region, is claiming this girl was seeking ‘romantic relationships’ with other girls.

Catherine Wobuyaga, the officer in charge of the unit, has said the eight-year-old is in police custody.

Police say the girl, whose name cannot be revealed because she is a minor, was reported after a neighbor allegedly spied on her repeatedly ‘luring’ her friends to a nearby farm.

The neighbor watched as the girls tried out ‘various sex acts using her fingers’.

It is also alleged, after questioning, the girl revealed she had played similarly in her school toilets.

Police are investigating the claims that someone could have ‘influenced’ the girl and instructed her to pass on the knowledge to her friends.

Wobuyaga has called on parents to watch out for adults who ‘lure underage children into illicit relationships’.

Both male and female homosexuality is illegal in Uganda, with the latter only become a criminal offense in 2000.