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Uganda preacher who demanded anti-gay law may be charged under anti-gay law

Uganda preacher who demanded anti-gay law may be charged under anti-gay law

A Ugandan pastor who has spent years calling for a stricter anti-gay law could now be charged under that very same law.

Pastor Martin Ssempa is notorious for screening gay porn in church and claiming it is common for gay men to ‘eat the poo-poo’.

But now, after the pastor promoted and held a huge 10,000 rally to celebrate the Anti-Homosexuality Act after it was signed into law, is being accused of promoting homosexuality.

Paul Kaliisa, from Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), has written an article calling for Ssempa to be prosecuted under the law.

‘Pastor Ssempa has, if anything, promoted homosexuality where he is allegedly trying to fight is,’ he said.

Kaliisa referred to when he was on a morning TV show when he brought cucumbers, carrots and others to show how lesbians masturbate.

Another example is how Ssempa has shown gay porn to his congregation, with Kaliisa suggesting he is almost ‘obsessed’ with it.

‘He moves everywhere with clips of gay men. He is so disgusting that at one point he said homosexuals lick each other’s assholes like ice cream.’ Kaliisa adds.

‘Very soon people are going to get used to the idea at some point, men can have sex with fellow men, and armed with the knowledge Ssempa has distributed, they will know exactly what to do.

‘There was a time when homosexuality was a taboo subject. No one discussed it openly. It was a vague idea and in that state, no one gave it the light of day.

‘Ssempa has managed to change that. The homos must now be smiling well knowing that Ssempa is more of a blessing to them than a curse. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, he is giving them exposure. He gives them free adverts and he has created more of the same thing he is trying to fight.

Kaliisa concludes: ‘Pastor Ssempa easily comes off as Uganda’s number one and strongest fighter homosexuality but in truth, he is Uganda’s number one promoter of the vice. He is promoting the things of these monsters and destroyers of man-kind.’

Melanie Nathan, LGBTI rights activist, commented: ‘If any such good news can be established from the onerous anti-gay laws of Uganda, is that as much as the laws were designed to shut up the LGBTI human rights defenders, and anyone providing much needed services, they will now also serve to shut up their critics and the anti-gay haters such as Ssempa.

‘The less we hear about how Martin Ssempa perceives homosexuality with his phoney disgusting and graphic depictions, the better off all gays around the world will be.’