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Uganda’s Speaker will bring back Anti-Homosexuality law

Uganda’s Speaker will bring back Anti-Homosexuality law

Rebecca Kadaga vows to bring back anti-homosexuality law

Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament has said the Anti-Homosexuality law could return at any time.

Rebecca Kadaga, who promised to pass the law as a ‘Christmas gift’ to the population, said the bill could be brought back to be voted on at any time.

Speaking on Capital Gang, a political talk show, she said if the movers choose to bring it back she will agree to it being debated and voted on.

‘In 2014, I promised Ugandans that I will give them a Christmas gift by passing the anti-homosexuality bill, which I did. Unfortunately, the bill was annulled by the court after President Yoweri Museveni had assented to it. However, the bill can still be deliberated on in parliament if the movers bring it back to the floor of parliament.’

During the interview, Kadaga also revealed she was given a copy of a book written by two Catholic priests on how to ‘engage in homosexuality and its advantages’. She did not take kindly to the gift.

Uganda’s anti-gay law was repealed in August 2014. Due to there not being the required amount of politicians in parliament during the vote, something Kadaga should  have been aware of, it was repealed over a ‘technicality’.

The Constitutional Court put the blame specifically on Kadaga, saying: ‘The illegal act of the Speaker tainted the process and rendered it a nullity.’

The law promised life in prison as punishment for homosexuality.

Over 200 lawmakers signed a petition demanding a swift vote to undo the ruling by the Constitutional Court, but President Museveni declared it ‘not a priority’. But now he has won February’s election,  continuing his reign of power that began in 1986, it is understood he may be willing to renew his attack against the LGBTI community.