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Uganda spent 600 million on PR to deal with anti-gay law backlash

Uganda spent 600 million on PR to deal with anti-gay law backlash

Uganda has spent over 600 million shillings on PR trying to deal with the backlash over the anti-gay law.

In an attempt to clear the country’s image after legalizing the Anti-Homosexuality Act, they spent 614 million Ugandan shillings ($208,000, €195,000).

Aston Kajara, the State Minister for Finance in charge of privatization, said Uganda needed some good publicity in the US congressional caucus after the president’s visit.

‘When the president [Yoweri Museveni] came back he told us that even at the hotel they had booked for him had to be changed.

‘[The hotel owners] said: ‘We don’t want this man, he’s an enemy of the Americans.

‘So what we did is that we employed a consultant…meant to mediate on the beneit of the Republic of Uganda.’

Members of parliament were furious, questioning why the government needed to spend that much on something that is ‘good for Ugandans’.

Edwin Sesange, director of the African gay rights organization Out and Proud Diamond group, said:

‘The question is, how much and how long are they willing to spend money that can be used to build schools, hospitals or roads something that can be solved without spending any taxpayers’ money.

‘Let’s scrap all these colonial and pre-colonial anti-gay laws. Even then, no LGBTI person is tarnishing Uganda’s image. The politicians are tarnishing Uganda’s image, not us.

‘We are just campaigning for basic human rights for LGBTI people in Uganda.’