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Ugandan MP wins fight to stop talking about LGBTI people on international stage

Ugandan MP wins fight to stop talking about LGBTI people on international stage

Rebecca Kadaga vows to bring back anti-homosexuality law

A Ugandan MP notorious for her anti-LGBTI stand has won a critical vote which will stop the discussion of LGBTI people at an important international parliamentary body.

Rebecca Kadaga is the Speaker in the Ugandan parliament and is representing her country at the 139th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly. The IPU is the global organization of parliaments and assembles all of the world’s democracies.

The IPU Assembly is the principal statutory body that expresses the views of the IPU on political issues. The annual Assembly brings together parliamentarians to study international problems and make recommendations for action.

Kadaga who has a long history of anti-gay policies today successfully passed a motion to prohibit any discussion of LGBTI issues at next year’s Assembly.

The vote supporting Kadaga’s motion received a comfortable majority of votes, with 689 MPs voting in favor of her motion compared to 499 who voted against.

‘For all who wonder why the fight for Human Rights is important, the IPU Parliament, the Assembly of the world’s democracies, just voted 620:499 *against* holding a debate on LGBTI rights! Much work to be done here,’ wrote Canadian MP, Sven Spengemann, on Twitter.

Anti-LGBTI votes

It’s not the first time Kadaga has taken on the IPU over LGBTI issues.

In April this year she berated IPU president Gabriella Barroza during a Geneva summit. She accused Barroza of sneaking in a homosexuality motion without consent from Asian and African representatives. She threatened that Uganda and other countries would withdraw from the IPU if European countries kept trying to legalize homosexuality.

Kadaga felt happy her motion passed.

‘I am so happy that this battle has finally been won. It started in St. Petersburg in Russia when they attempted to smuggle it in. Today, we have made a final vote that will prohibit the issue of LGBT from appearing on the IPU agenda,’ she said.

Delegates from countries not friendly to LGBTI people also celebrated Kadega’s motion victory.

The Indonesian delegate, Jazuli Juwaini , shared a photo on Twitter shaking hands with the delegate from Kuwait.

‘Kuwait’s Parliament unanimously agreed to join the fight to refuse any discussion on the legalization of LGBT at the upcoming IPU Council,’ Jazuli wrote.

This is concerning

African LGBTI advocate, Edwin Sesange, commended delegates who vote against Kadaga’s motion, but said its success was worrying.

‘I am concerned with how an institution of that magnitude can be influenced with hatred other than love for all people irrespective of their gender or sexuality,’ Sesange director of the African Equality foundation told Gay Star News.

‘The world can not allow to be silenced by some members of Parliament who driven by hatred, torture, discrimination and persecution of innocent LGBTI people.

‘This level of hatred towards the LGBTI community might bring the all institution of international parliament union into disrepute. Therefore, I request the IPU to review their decision and promote love for all instead of hatred.’

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