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Ugandans to march in support of anti-gay laws as international community eyes sanctions

Ugandans plan to march in support of their draconian laws criminalizing same-sex relationships next week in the face of Western donors looking to redirect aid away from the government to civil society groups

Ugandans to march in support of anti-gay laws as international community eyes sanctions

Ugandans have planned a march through the capital next Monday to show their support for the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill that would see repeat offenders and gay people with HIV jailed for life.

The march is being organized by Pastor Martin Ssempa who notoriously toured Uganda and screened extreme gay porn to crowds to drum up support for the bill and found viral internet fame for his claim that it is common for gay men to ‘eat the poo-poo.’

Ssempa plans to march with supporters from Makerere University on 24 March to Kololo Airstrip and has called for Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni to join the march.

‘We stand by our President and our Parliament for enacting the law. This is a day to say no to sodomy,’ Pastor Ssempa said in an interview with the Daily Monitor on Thursday.

Ssempa claims that Museveni has confirmed that he will lead the parade as its ‘chief walker,’ however his press secretary was unable to confirm or deny that to the newspaper.

Many international donors to Uganda have announced they will either suspend aid packages to the Ugandan Government or redirect funds to Non-Government Organizations working in Uganda but Ssempa has threatened to retaliate against companies that support LGBTI rights with boycotts by Ugandan consumers.

‘They should respect our culture or we shall mobilize the masses to shun their products,’ Ssempa said.

More than 50 civil society groups filed a petition against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda’s Constitutional Court on Tuesday – hoping to have it declared invalid.

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