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Uganda’s First Lady: ‘If cows aren’t gay, how can humans be gay?’

Uganda’s First Lady: ‘If cows aren’t gay, how can humans be gay?’

Uganda’s First Lady has said if cows can’t be gay, then humans can definitely not be gay.

The bizarre statement was uttered during a speech Janet Museveni made while congratulating the Church of Uganda’s bishops for their recent work.

Uganda recently made law the Anti-Homosexuality Act, punishing gay sex with up to life in prison.

Museveni, who is also the minister for affairs in the region of Karamoja, said because of the bishops Uganda has ‘progressed’.

‘We must listen to God and obey him,’ she said. ‘Thank you God for leading us.’

She said the Anti-Homosexuality Act was passed because they owed it to God.

‘If cows did not practice homosexuality, how could we the human beings start arguing over homosexuality?’

Museveni said they would not repeal the anti-gay law and stressed ‘people who pray cannot be defeated’.

Bishop Steven Kasimba of Mityana, who led the church service held last week, saluted President Yoweri Museveni for signing the anti-gay bill into law.

He said if the law was not passed, the country would have perished.

It comes as Pastor Martin Ssempa has organized a twisted anti-gay march in order to drum up added support for the law.

In a recent speech to students, the Ugandan president also told youth to not be influenced by Western culture and reject homosexuality.

More than 50 civil society groups filed a petition against the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda’s Constitutional Court last week, hoping to have it declared invalid.

And sorry to break it to you Mrs Museveni, but homosexual behavior has been observed in nearly every mammal – including cows.