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UK bank allows customers and staff to choose Mx prefix

UK bank allows customers and staff to choose Mx prefix

Metro Bank promotes itself as an alternative to other high street banks in the UK

Metro Bank in the UK has announced that it is to allow customers and colleagues use the prefix Mx, in addition to the regular Mr, Mrs and Ms, on official forms and documentation.

Mx is the personal prefix used by many who identify as gender neutral or non-binary. The bank will also offer ‘non-binary’ as a gender choice.

Many people who identify as non-binary have experienced problems with completing forms or official documentation, which usually offers a narrow choice of personal prefixes.

Metro Bank launched in 2010, specifically promoting itself as an alternative to the long-standing UK high street banks. Its branches are open seven days a week, usually from 7am to 7pm.

Danny Hamer, Metro Bank’s Chief People Officer said in a statement: ‘At Metro Bank, we have the opportunity to help drive forward equality and we’re proud to be taking an active stand on this issue.

‘Our “no stupid bank rules” approach means exactly that, and not offering people the option to identify themselves as they choose is a barrier that we’re pleased to have removed.

‘Making sure our customers and colleagues feel comfortable and accepted is a real priority for us, that’s why we listened and acted on the feedback we received. We hope that today’s announcement will help encourage others to follow in our footsteps.’

News of the change was welcomed by Lib Dem prospective MP for Chippenham and trans rights campaigner, Helen Belcher.

‘IT systems are often blamed for enforcing gender markers, but Metro Bank’s experience shows that these can be changed,’ said Belcher, who runs her own computer software company, to GSN.

‘It’s a good decision by Metro Bank. I hope other banks and service providers will take note and adjust their systems quickly.’