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UK bouncer says ‘gays should be fed to dogs’

UK bouncer says ‘gays should be fed to dogs’

A UK bouncer has been suspended after he was caught on camera saying ‘gay people should be fed to dogs.’

The doorman unleashed a homophobic rant Friday (20 February) night outside the Corporation club in Sheffield – to a student who isn’t gay.

‘If you want to take a gay boy home with you… If you want to take a gay man home with you… you can feed him to your dogs,’ he appears to say.

Rory Barker, a chemistry student at the University of Sheffield, said he was left ‘astonished and incredulous’ by the homophobic comments.

The second-year student said he was punched in the face by a member of staff minutes earlier after his friend had gotten into a fight with another girl inside the club.

‘I was then escorted outside where we asked the bouncers if they thought their colleague’s behavior was OK, and they responded by telling us to fuck off,’ he told student newspaper The Tab.

‘I was then asked by one of them if I was a gay boy, and when I replied "no, not that it matters," they replied ‘are you sure? You look like a slimy little gay."’

South Yorkshire Police are investigating the incident.

Watch the video below: