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UK championship football star names the date when he’ll come out as gay

UK championship football star names the date when he’ll come out as gay

Soccer player kicking a ball

The alleged UK championship football star has set the date when he’ll come out as gay.

The Gay Footballer, a Twitter account, has set the world alight following his announcement to come out ‘as soon as possible’.

And now, he has set the date. He’ll come out on 24 July – this Wednesday.

Football star to come out as gay

Earlier this month, the user tallied more than tens of thousands followers within days of tweeting his intention to come out.

If and when the player does, he will become the first player to be openly queer since Justin Fashanu more than 29 years ago.

He has had preliminary discussions with his club.

‘The club have instinctively viewed the issue in human terms, their support focused on that and foremost.’

Furthermore, the soccer player went onto praise his family and the ‘love and support’ they have provided for him in the past few days.

‘I appreciate that my ways are unorthodox,’ he said, ‘but I have to do this my way, and in my own time.’

‘I hope this can be the catalyst for change’

The user went onto speak about what he hopes his coming out will spark.

‘I am thinking of those involved in professional football who are similarly positioned. My hope is that they can take comfort and hope from such disclosure and can feel suitably empowered to, if desirable, reach the same decision.

‘I have heard from numerous people who have stated that their sexuality stopped them from being involved in football. That they didn’t believe the two could co-exist.

He added: ‘I don’t want anybody in the future to feel that way, and with the work being done throughout the sport. I hope this can be the catalyst for change.’

Football club: ‘It’s a bold move’

While the upper leagues of soccer in the UK continue to be strained by anti-LGBTI views, some queer players are finding relief in local leagues.

A spokesperson for Altrincham FC, a semi-professional club based in Altrincham, northwest England, welcomed the news. The team tackled homophobia in sport by donning Pride-flag patterned kits earlier this year.

‘Good for him,’ they told Gay Star News, ‘it’s a bold move if he goes ahead with it.

‘I hope the fuss it will inevitably create will die down quickly, so he can get on with his career.’

Who was the first English male soccer player to come out as gay?

Fashanu came out in 1990, polarizing the public and becoming a target of the press.

After sexual assault allegations, Fashanu took his own life.

Several high profile England women’s players, however, have come out as gay or bisexual.

Overall, attitudes around the women’s game are more tolerant than the men’s.

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