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UK Conservatives says they are 'true party of [LGBTI] equality', internet widely mocks them

UK will vote in a General Election on 8 June

UK Conservatives says they are 'true party of [LGBTI] equality', internet widely mocks them
Theresa May has opposed making 'gay cure' therapy illegal

Now the UK has less than seven weeks until the next General Election, the political parties have very little time before they can win voters over.

Prime Minister Theresa May, the head of the Conservative party, called for a snap General Election yesterday (18 April).

So with a bid to increase their majority in parliament to ensure any Brexit bills are passed swiftly, the Conservatives are trying their best to win the LGBTI community over.

This was met with criticism on Twitter with many bringing up May’s voting record on LGBTI issues, how the UK government has altered rules to make it harder for LGBTI refugees to seek asylum, and how the Conservatives brought in Section 28 – a law that banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools – in the 1980s.

Just last month, May refused to make ‘gay cure’ therapy illegal. The false practice is considered widely dangerous to a person’s mental and physical health.

When MPs voted for same-sex marriage, less than half of Tory MPs backed it to become law. Both Lib Dem and Labour largely supported marriage equality.

Last night, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron was widely criticized for refusing to answer whether he believed homosexuality is a sin. A self-professed evangelical Christian, he says he believes ‘we are all sinners’. He also reinstated his support for backing LGBTI rights.

Back in February, Labour head andleader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn said at a LGBTI History event that people ‘choose to be gay’.

However, this was defended by supporters as a ‘slip of the tongue’.

Speaking to Gay Star News, a Jeremy Corbyn spokesperson said the quote was ‘taken out of context’

‘Jeremy does not believe sexuality is a choice. He’d be mortified if people thought that was what he was saying,’ she said.

‘He has a long history of standing up for the LGBT community, a very long history of speaking out in solidarity for gay rights.’

Corbyn has voted repeatedly for LGBTI rights in his 34-year career in the UK parliament, including campaigning against Section 28.

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