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UK football fans were handed flyer with homophobic chant to yell at player

UK football fans were handed flyer with homophobic chant to yell at player

John Terry targeted with homophobic chant

Police are investigating after British football fans were handed a flyer instructing them to sing a homophobic chant to yell at a player.

The flyer urged fans to sing a tune at the West Ham vs Chelsea game at the London Stadium.

It asked West Ham fans to chant after ‘Bubbles’ ,the anthem I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, played before every home game.

The chant was directed at Chelsea player John Terry.

‘John Terry’s queer, he takes it up the rear,

‘He loves to sit on costas face

‘He takes it up the bum

‘He’s just a Chelsea SCUM

‘We’ve got Dimitri Payat’.


A West Ham United spokesperson said: ‘West Ham United are completely and utterly committed to tackling all forms of discrimination in football.

‘Working with the Metropolitan Police Service, the club will be investigating the alleged distribution of these flyers, and will take the strongest possible action against those responsible’.

Seven arrests were made, the Metropolitan Police said, with the Football Association and other authorities investigating.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: ‘Police are aware of an leaflet handed out before the match containing homophobic contents.

‘This will will form part of the post match investigation.’

In a BBC poll released this week, it said 8% of supporters would stop watching their team if they signed a gay player.

Justin Fashanu is the only male player to come out and continue playing in professional football in 1990. He committed suicide in 1998.