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UK gay charity publishes the guide: 'So you think your child is gay?'

UK based charity Stonewall has released a guide offering advice for parents on how to support their children if they are gay, lesbian or bisexual

UK gay charity publishes the guide: 'So you think your child is gay?'

Coming out can be a difficult and confusing time for both teens and their parents.

That’s why UK based charity Stonewall has released ‘So you think your child is gay?’, a guide offering advice and answering questions for parents on the topic of their son or daughter’s sexuality.

The 10 page pocket-sized guide includes answers to the questions: ‘How do I know it’s not just a phase?’, ‘Does this mean I’m not going to have children?’ and ‘Will we still be welcome at church?’.

Andy Wasley from Stonewall said: ‘We get a lot of calls through our information service from young people seeking advice about coming out. But we do get calls from parents as well and they can get stressed about it too.

‘It just struck us that there weren’t any resources out there to help parents and that’s why we thought there needs to be a guide that offers support and advice’, he added.

The release of the guide follows the charity’s Living Together report in 2012, which shows 81% of people in Britain would be comfortable if their children grew up to be lesbian, gay or bisexual.

‘The statistics from the report really showed anything that can help make coming out that little bit easier needs to be available’, Wasley said.

‘From a personal point of view I think it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s the kind of thing I really wish had been around when I was growing up’, he added.

Stonewall will be handing out copies to local authorities, GP surgeries, libraries and schools across Britain.

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